How to Build a Low-Cost, High-Quality Workforce with Staff Augmentation

Business ventures are started with the intention to succeed. Success means growth. But growth brings about its own perils. In the competitive software world, businesses need resources, especially tech talent. Hiring and retaining high-quality talent is a challenge for the industry. Staff augmentation is helping businesses maintain a high-quality workforce at affordable prices.

Challenges of Fast-Growing Companies

When businesses start growing fast, the staff can often become a bottleneck. Here are some of the challenges growth can bring about:

  • Retaining People: When companies grow fast, the current employees have to take up more work and responsibilities. This can lead to fatigue. If companies don’t pay attention, people start leaving. In such situations, companies lose their most talented employees.
  • Finding Workers: Depending on the location of the company, hiring new workers can be a real challenge. If a company is located in San Francisco, even though there are a lot of tech talent there, it might still be difficult to find affordable talent.
  • Serving Customers: When there aren’t enough boots on the ground to serve the customers, the company’s reputation suffers. Fast-growing companies need to be always ready to increase productivity. If there is a shortage in the workforce, it’s difficult to build the next feature or application to captivate the customers.

With staff augmentation, companies hire extra workers to help their employees stay ahead of the competition. It’s a viable solution to help businesses deal with growth.

Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation

Here are some of the pros and cons of staff augmentation:


  • Scalable and flexible
  • Lower costs because the staff maintenance costs are transferred to the firm
  • Targeted for specific skills necessary for the future
  • Fewer Management Layers
  • Less risk for the business


  • Improper planning can lead to higher costs
  • Quality of service dependent on the staff augmentation firm
  • Less control than a full-time employee

Optimizing Staff Augmentation to Cut Costs and Improve Performance

Staff augmentation is a tool. It is used by businesses as a competitive strategy. But the success of your efforts will depend on the following factors:

Preparation: You need to assess the needs of your business. The staff augmentation firm will provide you with resources according to your specifications. They don’t have deep knowledge about your business. So you should start with a thorough investigation of how you expect your requirements to grow. It will help you specify your needs with more clarity.

Planning: After you have evaluated your business needs, it’s time to sit down with the staff augmentation firm to set up a strategy. At this stage, you should be able to estimate the costs and figure out if it’s going to make sense for your business. Your plan should be ready to execute for various growth scenarios.

Execution: When your plan goes into action, it’s important to make sure you regularly evaluate the efficiency of the process. You should check if the extra staff is working well with your full-time teams and if the process is providing enough value. Also, the regular evaluation will help you maintain the right head counts to get the most value for the service.

Staying Competitive with Staff Augmentation

Businesses that invest time and effort to optimize their staff augmentation process will derive the greatest benefits. An optimized process can help businesses make sure that they get the right number of remote qualified workers to stay cost-effective. A well-planned staff augmentation strategy helps organizations better cope with high-growth periods and overcome any business obstacles.